Privacy Policy

What data is collected?

When you first arrive at this website, two pieces of information are captured by our website hosting service.

1. The IP Address of the machine you are using to access the website.

2. The browser user agent string  - in essence which browser you are using (Firefox, Chrome, etc)

Cookie technologies are not employed on this website. What this means is that we are not tracking your movements through our website and we collect no information about your browsing activities.

If you choose to Contact Us by completing the form on that page, whatever information you submit will be saved and visible to us.

All data elements mentioned above are saved in a data centre located in Sydney, Australia by our hosting service Nimbo.

Lastly, if you place an order with us, the following information will be collected in addition to what has been stated above:

Full name

Delivery address

Billing address

Email address

Phone number

Credit card information is not collected by this site when you purchase. We use a Paypal integration and all records relating to payment are recorded and saved by Paypal in accordance with their terms and conditions.

We will not share or disseminate any details you provide to us with anyone else.